Perforated Metal Machine / Perforated metal mesh making production line
Perforated metal machines are used to blank out metals to form perforated holes.
Perforated metal meshes are commonly used for construction, kitchenware and decorative purposes.
Kin Chang offers a wide range of perforated metal machines to satisfy the needs of our customers. If you can’t find the specifications that you’re looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. We build custom perforated metal machines according to your request.

沖孔網機械 / 沖孔網機械生產線
沖孔網機械用於生產沖孔網, 主用是將板材沖出指定的孔型
沖孔網常用於建築, 廚具, 及裝飾用
金昌提供多種樣式的菱形網機械供客戶挑選, 若網站上的機械規格無法滿足您的需求,
請隨時聯絡我們, 我們提供客製化機械生產服務




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